Hosting a party?.. here are some cute ideas on Raffle Gifts!

Searching the internet and googling, I found these affordable gift ideas for a raffle, for your hosting party.  I added my personal touch here and there 🙂

Essential Oil Tip: when adding drops of essential oils (i.e. lemon or slim & sassy) to your water, always use a “glass bottle” instead of a plastic water bottle.  The oils (especially a citrus one like lemon) can dissolve the plastic and the water may become toxic.

Hosting Gifts

Glass water bottle with a sample of Lemon essential oil.  A drop or two of lemon in your water provides a refreshing and healthy boost throughout the day!

Raffle Gifts

Luxurious Lavender bath – Epsom Salt with a sample of Lavender essential oil.  Adding Lavender oil to bath water can soak away stress.

Raffle Gifts 1

Where to purchase supplies:

  • Crystal Jars at Amazon (click here)
  • Twine Spool at Amazon (click here)
  • I found these adorable Lemon Labels in this blog (click here)
  • Glass water bottles at your local Target but I actually found them at Amazon but without the cute sleeves (click here)
  • Epsom Salt at your local Target store
  • Oils – contact me 🙂