Essential Oils “Make & Take” Workshop

We had our first Make & Take Workshop this weekend.  We’re blessed to have found this great location and host two classes at the same time.  We did our regular Intro to Essential Oils and the Make & Take Workshop to teach the group how to blend oils.  We have a few customers who purchased oils (in the past) and they wanted to learn how to use them, to help with sleep, with a cold, allergies, fever, etc.  We provided many options for the group to make and take several rollerball blends.  We provided several recipes for wellness, mothers, babies and kids.  The Make & Take and was planned as follows:


  • Bring your oils (BYO) – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • You brought a friend or came with a friend – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • Do an LRP of 100+ for the following month – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • Host a Class – pick one from the “Free Bar” – Must schedule class today


  • Enroll today – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • You brought a friend or came with a friend – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • Do an LRP of 100+ for the following month – pick one from the “Free Bar”
  • Host a Class – pick one from the “Free Bar” – Must schedule class today
  • If you don’t choose from above, it’s $5.00 per roller-bottle recipe

ADDITIONAL PROMOS – Host a Class next month & choose one free gift:

  • Essential Life Book
  • Diffuser or Travel Diffuser
  • Key Chain with oils

Feel free to message me if you have any questions on how we put these classes together. Enjoy the pics …

A weekend of hosting Events

I had the pleasure of having Christina and Jana host classes over the weekend (five in total). Christina is enrolled in the doTERRA Diamond Club to help her grow her business and in doing so she was able to provide great incentives!

We didn’t realize that one class was approx. 80% of only Spanish speaking guest and although I’m Latin, my Spanish isn’t that great (especially to teach a class yet) but luckily Jana stepped in and did fantastic!

Having all these classes booked back-to-back wasn’t easy, we had some challenges but we met new people, made new friends, learned about different cultures and laughed alot.


Hosting a party?.. here are some cute ideas on Raffle Gifts!

Searching the internet and googling, I found these affordable gift ideas for a raffle, for your hosting party.  I added my personal touch here and there 🙂

Essential Oil Tip: when adding drops of essential oils (i.e. lemon or slim & sassy) to your water, always use a “glass bottle” instead of a plastic water bottle.  The oils (especially a citrus one like lemon) can dissolve the plastic and the water may become toxic.

Hosting Gifts

Glass water bottle with a sample of Lemon essential oil.  A drop or two of lemon in your water provides a refreshing and healthy boost throughout the day!

Raffle Gifts

Luxurious Lavender bath – Epsom Salt with a sample of Lavender essential oil.  Adding Lavender oil to bath water can soak away stress.

Raffle Gifts 1

Where to purchase supplies:

  • Crystal Jars at Amazon (click here)
  • Twine Spool at Amazon (click here)
  • I found these adorable Lemon Labels in this blog (click here)
  • Glass water bottles at your local Target but I actually found them at Amazon but without the cute sleeves (click here)
  • Epsom Salt at your local Target store
  • Oils – contact me 🙂

Sunset Place Farmers Market

This past Sunday, my best friend Ana and I had our 1st booth at Sunset Place Farmers Market (this was so last minute). It was a hot day but we had fun meeting new people and spreading oily love.  We were pleasantly surprise to meet so many people who are already using and loving essential oils, we even met someone from Texas – super cool! We’re definitely planning to do more booth and all of our events will be posted in our home page, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy our pictures!




February & March Essential Oils Hosting Events

I wanted to share some exciting hosting events that happened throughout February and March of this year.  Since I started on my Essential Oil journey, we’ve been hosting parties every month and educating people on the essential oils health benefits.

In March, we hosted three parties (back to back)! My good friends Raquel & Jennifer shared their homes to friends and family to share the knowledge of dōTERRA products.  It was an awesome weekend, meeting new people and making new friends.

If you’re interested in hosing an essential oil party, please reach out to me at – I look forward to hearing from you!