Suggested Oil Blends

I’m still fairly new to essential oils and I don’t know by heart what the suggested oil blends are. I come across these terms often when I’m reading an essential oil book or online. so, I created a list to have as a reference especially when I’m teaching a class and I thought it would be a great idea to share with you all! 

Oil Blends

Product Name

Anti-Aging Blend Immortelle
Blend for Woman Whisper
Calming Blend Serenity
Cellular Complex DDR Prime
Cleansing Blend Purify
Detoxification Blend Zendocrine
Digestive Blend DigestZen
Focus Blend InTune
Grounding Blend Balance
Headache Blend Past Tense
Invigorating Blend Citrus Bliss
Joyful Blend Elevation
Massage Blend AromaTouch
Metabolic Blend Slim & Sassy
Protective Blend OnGuard
Repellent Blend TerraShield
Respiratory Blend Breathe
Soothing Blend Deep Blue
Topical Blend HD Clear
Woman’s Monthly Blend Clary Calm
Encouraging Blend Motivate
Inspiring Blend Passion
Reassuring Blend Peace
Renewing Blend Forgive
Uplifting Blend Cheer
Comforting Blend Console
Bone Nutrient Blend Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex
Seasonal Blend Softgels OnGuard Softgels
Fruit & Veggie Drink Terra Greens
GI Cleansing Formula GX Assist
Energy & Stamina Complex Mito2 Max
Omega 3 Fish Oil xEO Mega
Chewable Multivitamins A2Z Chewable
Detoxification Complex Zendocrine Detoxification
EO Cellular Complex Cellular Complex
EO Omega Complex xEO Mega Omega Complex
Food Nutrient Complex Microplex MVp
Phytoestrogen Complex PhytoestrogenLifetime Complex
Probiotic Defense Formula PB Assist + Probiotic