Below I will cover (at a high level), the several ways to earn commission through dōTERRA.  I know it can be overwhelming but these commission plans are like no other direct selling company out there.  I’m available if you have any questions!

The screen shot below covers the first three Compensation Plans:
Compensation Plan

Because all Wellness Advocates purchase dōTERRA products at a wholesale price, the opportunity to resell products at retail prices provides a simple way to do business. Meaning you can earn a profit from selling any product you purchase at wholesale prices.

Fast Start

The Fast Start bonus is designed to provide you, as an enrolling sponsor, immediate rewards for enrolling new Wellness Advocate into your business organization by paying 20% on purchases and sales made within the new Wellness Advocate’s first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly and applies three generations deep for the new enrollee’s first 60 days.


  • Each Wellness Advocate wanting to earn Fast Start needs to have a 100PV Loyalty Rewards (LRP) order to participate (see more on LRP below)

Lisa enrolled Megan. Megan placed 3 orders in her first 60 days. (Order PV: 132PV, 78PV and 147PV) Lisa received a check for each of these orders equal to 20 percent of the PV. (Checks $26.40, $15.60 and $29.40) Lisa earned a total of $71.40 for educating and enrolling Megan.

Sharing ExamplePower of 3
The Power of 3 Team Bonus is your reward for building a strong organization with recurrent sales. It is based around the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

  • To qualify for the Power of 3, you must set up a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order.
  • All 3 team members you enroll must also have a 100 PV LRP order set up, as well as any people they enroll later on.
  • Power of 3 is paid on a monthly basis.
  • There are three Power of 3 Bonuses that you can earn: $50, $250, and $1500. Each bonus is achieved through structure and team volume as described below:

–$50: You must have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your frontline, retail orders, and Preferred Member orders.)

–$250: Your three frontline team members must each have three other qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. (See example image below.)

–$1500: Your nine qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

Power 3 example

Power 3 example 1

Loyalty Rewards Program
dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase dōTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn–up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases!

The unilevel commission is what you will earn from orders placed, from anyone on your team. You are paid monthly on 7 levels down, with percentage based on the total size of your organization, it’s structure, and your rank.  This is a unique aspect of dōTERRA’s compensation plan, like no other compensation plan out because the percentage goes up the lower the level.  This is what creates an amazing teamwork, by helping others build!

Unilevel Bonus

Bonus Pools
Tap into commissions paid on total worldwide volume through generous bonus pools. dōTERRA offers a total of five bonus pools commensurate with leadership achievement, allowing for compensation not only on your group volume but overall company volume.

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