How to Buy

There are two ways to purchase dōTERRA Essential oils… 

Option # 1 – Retail

Shop and pay regular retail prices through my website –

Option # 2 – Wholesale Prices

Just like at Sam’s, BJ’s or Costco, you pay a $35 membership fee and it saves you 25% off all your oils, all year long.  You don’t have to sell or start a business to get this deal.

The membership is free if you buy a starter kit:

  • See a list of kits here: Enrollment_Kit_Flyers
  • To purchase a kit (click here) use my Wellness Advocate # 2869027 and select “wholesale”
  • Choose one of the kits as your first product and the $35 membership fee will be waived

Please know, that there is no selling involved, no minimum orders and no additional purchase required.

If you don’t want a kit:

  • Click here, use my Wellness Advocate # 2869027 and select “wholesale”
  • Choose your products “a la carte” and the $35 fee will be added

Renewal Fee

If you want to continue your membership, the yearly renewal fee is $25. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.

As Wholesale Member you have two ways to order products:

  • One-time standard order
  • Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) – is a re-occurring monthly order that can be customized, adjusted or cancelled at anytime (more on this below)

Membership perks –

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)
Just like everyday household essentials, there are items you may use frequently and wish to buy regularly. The Loyalty Rewards Program makes it easy to order those items and rewards you with product credit points that can be redeemed for dōTERRA products!
As a participant in the program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits and the

longer you participate, the more credits you can earn – up to 30% of your total Loyalty Rewards monthly Points Value (PV).

The longer you participate, the more credits you can earn:

LRP Chart