Step 1: Discover your Opportunity!

1. Complete the Virtual Office Overview & Training:

2. dōTERRA acronyms: Learn the Lingo

3. Loyalty Reward Program: Everything you need to know

4. Learn about Compensation Plan

5. Enrolling New Wellness Advocates

6. Enroll in Direct Deposit

7. Decide on your Goals

8. Make a list of your contacts

9. Setup your dōTERRA website

10. Schedule weekly meeting with your Upline & ask questions!

11. Download & Print “Your First Week Checklist


Step 2: Share & Prepare

1. Get started & equipped with business tools

2. Read

3. Contact Management System, you’ll need a system to track your contacts (pick one or use your own)

4. One-t0-one Presentation (5.26)

Class Presentation Materials.  For starters, pick one class and master it!  You can choose to order “dōTERRA Class in a Box” or “Natural Solutions Class in Box” in Aroma Tools, each have their own benefits!

How to Teach Class in Box (1:15)

dōTERRA Class in a Box (includes the following)

  • How to Teach Class in a Box (1:15)
  • 20 Invitations
  • 10 bottles of 5 ml dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oils
  • 10 dōTERRA Living Magazines
  • 10 Living dōTERRA Naturally brochures
  • 1 Sharing dōTERRA Naturally brochures
  • 1 Building dōTERRA Naturally brochures
  • 1 Push Play DVD
  • 1 Product Catalog
  • 10 Essential oils brochures, Product List, Enrollment Kits & Wellness Agreement

Step 3: Educate & Enroll

1. Review Launch Your Business and download the guides – this is a step by step guide to lead you to the next level as an Elite!

  • Enter to enroll in the Launch Your Business Challenge (you’ll get an email every 3 days to get you started on the right track following the Launch Guide)

2. How to Invite

3. How to Follow Up

4. Build Success Habits

  • 2 Contacts a day
  • 2 Follow-up a day
  • 2 Presentations a week (class or one-to-one)

5. How to have a Successful Class

6. With all new Wellness Advocates Enrollees

One of the most important parts of building a dōTERRA business is structuring a new Wellness Advocates within your team.  When placing a new Wellness Advocates, identify the activities they are ow would like to be engaged in and place them accordingly.  Identify if they want to be a “User, Sharer or Builder”. Learn more by clicking here: Structuring Users, Sharers & Builders

  • For Users:
    • Give your new customer a Live Guide in person or via email
    • Schedule their Wellness Consult in person or over the phone
    • Enroll in the Live Wellness Lifestyle email series at
  • For Sharers:
    • Walk them through the Share Guide
    • Schedule a Wellness Consult
    • Guide them through providing samples and inviting
    • Assist them with hosting a class
  • For New Builders – committed to Build:
    • Walk them through the Build Guide
    • Commit them to do the first 3 steps in the Build Guide within 48 hours
    • Give them a Launch Guide & schedule time to review
      • Guide them to complete “Getting Started Checklist” on the Launch Guide
      • Plan and support them in their first sharing and presenting interactions
      • Schedule ongoing mentoring calls
  • For all new Customers, always cover oil safety: Essential Oils Safety

7. Moving a new Wellness Advocate (2:24) – you have 14 days to move a WA from the date of their enrollment (this is done in the back office).

Step 4: Get your Business going!

1. Add a personalized signature to your email

2. Order Business Cards

3. Explore your Back Office

4. Business Builder & Structuring

5. What’s your Why?

6. Set Goals

  • Complete a goal worksheet (see pg 6 from the Launch Guide)