I’m happy to announce that on January 26, 2016 I became dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Together with the team, we’re learning and growing every day. I decided to create this blog to document my journey and have a place where people can go, to learn the natural benefits of essential oils.

A little about me, I’m Audrey but my closest friends and family know me by Mimi. I share my life with two amazing men, my husband and my son who make me smile and laugh everyday!  My very best friend (Ana) introduced me to dōTERRA and I’m so happy to be sharing this experience with her… and the rest of our team. We have an amazing group!

So why dōTERRA? I love there products, I love what the company stands for, I love that there are alternative ways to swap my medicine cabinet with natural products. Over the counter medicines, prescriptions and long term side effects all scare me. My job as a mother is to protect my son, my family … and I want “us” to be around for a long time. It amazes me that the more I shared my experience with others, the more testimonial I witness and the more I want to keep sharing!

Since my life can get a little hectic with my full-time job, games/practices, school and every day errands, my goal for this blog is to answer all your questions in one central place. There is lots to learn about essential oils and we can learning together.

If you read this much, I would love for you to ‘follow my blog’.

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