Hosting a party?.. here are some cute ideas on Raffle Gifts!

Searching the internet and googling, I found these affordable gift ideas for a raffle, for your hosting party.  I added my personal touch here and there 🙂

Essential Oil Tip: when adding drops of essential oils (i.e. lemon or slim & sassy) to your water, always use a “glass bottle” instead of a plastic water bottle.  The oils (especially a citrus one like lemon) can dissolve the plastic and the water may become toxic.

Hosting Gifts

Glass water bottle with a sample of Lemon essential oil.  A drop or two of lemon in your water provides a refreshing and healthy boost throughout the day!

Raffle Gifts

Luxurious Lavender bath – Epsom Salt with a sample of Lavender essential oil.  Adding Lavender oil to bath water can soak away stress.

Raffle Gifts 1

Where to purchase supplies:

  • Crystal Jars at Amazon (click here)
  • Twine Spool at Amazon (click here)
  • I found these adorable Lemon Labels in this blog (click here)
  • Glass water bottles at your local Target but I actually found them at Amazon but without the cute sleeves (click here)
  • Epsom Salt at your local Target store
  • Oils – contact me 🙂

Soothing my dog’s upset stomach with Essential Oil

We woke up today, to our dog (Zoey) having an upset stomach, she was eating grass and not eating her food.  We definitely know something is wrong when she doesn’t even her bacon treat!  She carried her treat outside and just sat next to it.  So for the first time, I decided to apply an essential oil called “digestzen” which soothes an upset stomach… and hours later, she started eating! I rubbed the oil on her stomach, her back paws and I let her smell it too.

Blog 5

Oh no, my poor Zoey is not eating her bacon treat!


Blog 4

After using DigestZen, Zoey is back to normal and eating again!

Blog 3

Essential Oils Spray & Roller Recipes

I want to share some cool blends I made this weekend.  I was especially interested in the “I’m Car Sick” spray since my son gets car sick often – we haven’t tried them yet but stay tuned.

Recipe Blends as follows:

I’m Car Sick (perfect for road trips, amusement parks or upset stomach)
10 drops Lavender essential oils, 10 Peppermint drops essential oils and top with distilled or purified water – in a 2 oz spray bottle.
To Use: Shake and mist into air or onto stomach.  Inhale deeply and avoid eyes!

Buzz Off Bugs (keeps biting bugs away)
10 drops Lemongrass essential oils, 10 drops Peppermint essential oil and top with distilled or purified water – in a 2 oz spray bottle.
To Use: Shake and spray onto skin or clothing. Allow to air dry and avoid eyes!

Immune + Roller  (supports immune response)
5 drops Melaleuca essential oils, 5 drops Lemon essential oil and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
To Use: Apply to bottoms of feet.

Sleepy Time Roller (encourages peaceful sleep) – and my son’s favorite bedtime routine!
10 drops Lavender essential oils, 10 drops Cedarwood essential oil and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
To Use: Apply to chest and bottoms of feet at bedtime.


Where to purchase supplies:

  • 2 oz Spray Bottles – Amazon (Click here)
  • 10 ml Roller Bottles – Amazon (Click here)
  • Cute Labels from – (Click here)
  • Oils – Contract me 🙂

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Sunset Place Farmers Market

This past Sunday, my best friend Ana and I had our 1st booth at Sunset Place Farmers Market (this was so last minute). It was a hot day but we had fun meeting new people and spreading oily love.  We were pleasantly surprise to meet so many people who are already using and loving essential oils, we even met someone from Texas – super cool! We’re definitely planning to do more booth and all of our events will be posted in our home page, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy our pictures!